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Intimacy Matters Presents: A Talk on Transformative Sexuality


Join us for a talk in two parts given by Dr. Mark Burgess and Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters


Dr. Mark Burgess is the Co-Director of the Centre for Psychological Research at Oxford Brookes University, he is interested in Transformative Experiences and his latest project focuses on positive sexuality.


During the evening, Dr. Mark will talk about his current research project that looks at how experiencing various types of sexual pleasure can be transformative in developing sexual self-understanding and contributing to an individuals sexual well being. Mark is currently interviewing people and collating the very interesting results. During his talk, Mark will highlight why health organizations believe sexual pleasure is important, summarise the research on the key features of pleasurable sex, and outline the cultural barriers that impede people’s sexual experiences.


You can read more about Mark here and read more about his current research here.


Following Mark’s talk Intimacy Matters’ Colin Richards will give a talk on his ‘Theory of Five Influences’. A theory on same gender attraction that he has developed to help people, particularly men, understand why they may be attracted to be sensually or erotically intimate with another person of the same gender. In his fifteen years as a sex engineer, Colin has worked with many men (and women) who do not identify as gay or lesbian but who do have an attraction to same gender intimate / sexual exploration. Supported by statistics taken from a 5 years 100 person survey Colin shows how the results appear to back up his ‘Theory of Five Influences’.


You can read more about Colin here.


A welcome Espresso Martini and canapés will be served on arrival.




£30 per person*, available for a member and up to three guests

Time: 7:00pm

Location: Gloucester Lounge, First Floor, H21


*Due to the popularity of our events, we are unable to offer any refunds