Cocktail Club: Ron Santiago de Cuba






The Cradle of Light Rum, where the sea, the land and the sky meet. From the dedication of the Maestros del Ron Cubano comes the highest expression of Cuban Rum making tradition: RON Santiago de Cuba.


Only produced in the famous Cradle of Light Rum in the Oriente of Cuba, these rums embody the terroir, the history and the expertise of the Cuban Rum making tradition.


The Cocktail Club is 90-minutes of illuminating tales, complemented by a welcome cocktail and four neat samples within the range of RON Santiago de Cuba, to help transport you to the Oriente region of South-West Cuba.


Guided by your host the Portfolio Brand Ambassador for RON Santiago de Cuba, Tommy Cole, you’ll be exclusively taken on the ultimate Cuban Rum experience by tasting classic Cuban cocktails accompanied with carefully selected paired canapes.


We are calling on all Rum & Cocktail enthusiasts to immerse themselves in this deep dive into the lustrous city of Santiago de Cuba and its namesake spirit, taking a look at some twisted classics and the transformative effect of flavour in food & drink, encouraged by adventurous discovery.


Disconnect from the modern world and reconnect with the elements through immersive flavours and aromas.


£30 per person*, available for members and up to three guests.

Wednesday 31 August, at 7pm

Gloucester Lounge, first floor, House 21


*Due to the popularity of our events, we are unable to offer any refunds