Biden Rebuilds Brand USA with Allyson Stewart-Allen




Allyson Stewart-Allen is a renowned marketer, broadcaster, speaker and best-selling author of Working with Americans, whose expertise in helping companies internationalise is sought by leading businesses globally.

Join us for this discussion when Allyson will examine why businesses across the EU, UK and beyond should feel a great sense of optimism:

  • Already in the President’s first 24 hours, eliminating the travel ban on Muslim countries, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and WHO, pausing student loan repayments and suspending evictions for homeowners and renters, he is clearly delivering on his “America is back” promise to re-engage the world
  • As for delivering the $1.9tn aid package to stabilize the domestic economy, clearly helping Americans salvage their challenged businesses, find employment and keep families fed is essential if Americans are to be able to contribute to the rebuilding of its economy, which will make or break the US as an attractive trade and investment destination
  • Expect an EU-US Free Trade Agreement to get attention before the UK’s is tackled, given the size of the EU commercial prize for US companies post-Brexit, a trading bloc with nearly 450 million consumers compared to the UK’s 66 million
  • For British Trade Minister Liz Truss, this means a fresh start building trust with her new American counterpart, US Trade Representative Katherine Tai once confirmed, testing Truss’ skills in negotiating, influencing and communicating with Americans which has derailed many politicians and business leaders alike

With an in-depth Q&A session, why not put your questions on what Biden’s rebuilding of Brand USA will means for your business.