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Inheritance Tax is a Tax on Laziness!

We are delighted to welcome Polly MacKenzie, Chief Executive of Demos to discuss this sensitive topic!

According to Polly, when one generation gives its wealth to the next, they’re not just communicating affection; they are transferring privilege. However much we may want to see our kids inherit the things we worked to earn, our desire to do so undermines social mobility. So, just as the state must break up monopolies to allow competition to thrive, it has a legitimate role in breaking up the chain of inheritance.

About the speaker:

Polly MacKenzie is Chief Executive of the highly influential, cross party thinktank Demos. Previously, Polly worked for Nick Clegg from 2006 to 2015, helping to write the 2010 Coalition Agreement, and serving as Director of Policy to the Deputy Prime Minister from 2010-15. After leaving Government, Polly established the operations of the Women’s Equality Party, and then went on to found the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, a charity working to break the link between financial difficulty and mental health problems. She lives in South East London, and has three children.

Cost: £5 member, £10 guest (all monies to our charity, The Marylebone Project)

Time/Location: 7.30pm, Etruscan Room

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